Current Solicitations

On this page, you will find all Solicitations and Request For Proposals (RFP) currently issued by DANTeC.  These solicitations and RFPs are available electronically only, and will not be printed and mailed to interested bidders.  Proposers attending Pre-Bid Meetings are advised to bring their own copy of the RFP.

It will be the Proposer’s responsibility to ensure that each document has been downloaded and processed.  Each RFP includes submission dates and instructions.

All solicitation documents on this site are password protected.  Proposers wishing to download these solicitation documents, must first register with DANTeC and receive a Document Password.  To receive a document Password, complete the Contractor Registration Form (CRF) below.  Email the CRF to the DANTeC General Manager, Ms. Karen Goretski.  Once processed, an email will be sent with the appropriate password.

Click on the link below for the Contractor Registration Form.