Baggage Handling System

DANTeC is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire North Terminal domestic and international Baggage Handling System.

Passenger Boarding Bridges

DANTeC is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all 28 Passenger Boarding Bridges located in the North Terminal.

Ground Service Equipment

DANTeC is responsible for the maintenance services for the Ground Service Equipment (GSE)at the North Terminal.  GSE includes: 28VDC, 26 Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) units, 26 400Hz Ground Power System (GPS) units, and 26 Potable Water Cabinets.

Triturator Equipment and Facility

DANTeC is responsible for the Triturator and the Triturator Facility maintenance at the North Terminal.

Local Area Network (LAN)

DANTeC is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the LAN for the entire North Terminal.

  Ramp/Gate Control

DANTeC is responsible for the Service and Operation Contract for Gate Control, Ramp Control, and Common Use Gate Scheduling, for the North Terminal.


DANTeC is responsible for the Multiple User Flight Information Display Screens (MUFIDS), Common Use Passenger Processing  Service (CUPPS), Common Use Self Service (CUSS), Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Master Clock System (MCS), and the Overhead Paging System for the North Terminal.

Passenger Service Agents/Consolidated Oversize Service/Wheelchair Service

DANTeC supplies a Passenger Service Agent service to assist passengers prior to the Federal Security Checkpoint.

DANTeC supplies the North Terminal Airlines with a Consolidated Oversize Service to transport oversize items from the Ticketing Level to the Baggage Make-up as well as supplying Airline Ticketing Agents with baggage tubs.

DANTeC provides the Wheelchair Services for the entire North Terminal.

Passenger Conveyance

DANTeC is responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of the North Terminal Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walkways.

Custodial/Janitorial Services

DANTeC is responsible for the Janitorial, Custodial, & Bio-hazard services for the North Terminal facility and Ground Transportation Center.

Fuel Rack Equipment & Supply

DANTeC is responsible for the Fuel Supply & Fuel Rack Equipment located on the AOA of the North Terminal for GSE Equipment.

  Building Management Systems

DANTeC is responsible for the monitoring and adjustment of the Building Management System (BMS) for the North Terminal.

Auto Doors

DANTeC is responsible for all Automatic Doors in the North Terminal, including Sliding, High Speed Roll-up, Fire Security Doors & Overhead doors.

Waste Removal

DANTeC is responsible for the Waste Removal of the North Terminal including Dumpster Service, and  Recycling.

Pest Control

DANTeC is responsible for the Pest Control & Removal Services of the North Terminal.

Gate Striping

DANTeC is responsible for Paint Striping and upkeep of the Gate Ramp Area.

Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems

DANTeC is responsible for the Certification and Maintenance Services of the North Terminal and Ground Transportation Center’s Fire Alarm System and Fire Suppression Systems including fire extinguishers.

Building Maintenance Services

DANTeC is responsible for the maintenance & upkeep of all non-public, leased, and common-use areas, accounting for approximately 50% of the North Terminal.  To include electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and carpentry.